Lm-therm thermostats and humidistats

Creating safe environmental conditions

With Lm-therm’s thermostats and humidistats you can control the temperature or humidity precisely according to requirements. You can use them to activate heaters or cooling devices accordingly.

Electromechanical thermostats / humidistats

Lm-therm electromechanical thermostats and humidistats are robust, straightforward and extremely safe to operate. These controlling devices are the most widely used. At Lm-therm you’ll find a large product selection for every application.

Electronic thermostats / humidistats

Lm-therm electronic thermostats and humidistats are very safe to operate and offer advantages when it comes to tolerance ranges and setting options. Some are also equipped with electrically isolated DC outputs. At Lm-therm you’ll also find a large product selection here for every application.