Control cabinets do not always have to be heated – on the contrary: cooling is needed in an increasing number of cases.

For many, the issue of cooling is not of great significance in connection with the electronics in control cabinets. However, high-quality electronics and the very different locations of the cabinets require cooling for the cabinet increasingly frequently.

The Lm-therm Elektrotechnik AG offers you 2 differnet cooling devices, that can be adapted perfectly to your requirements.

Compressor cooling units

High-quality electronics built into control cabinets, very varied locations indoors and outdoors, and rapid changes in climate are increasingly requiring the use of cooling devices.

The Lm-therm compressor-based cooling devices for applications of between 380 W and 4,000 W which are based on coolants without CFCs are also suitable for applications with high power dissipation. You can choose from compressor-based cooling devices for the door, wall or roof mounting of control cabinets.


Peltier cooling units

Lm-therm Peltier cooling devices ensure safe and environmentally-friendly control cabinet climate control. The Peltier cooling devices are equipped with robust, high-quality metal housing and function according to the same principle as electrical heat pumps. A fan built into the control cabinet blows warm air onto a cold exchanger. A Peltier element transports the heat energy to a heat exchanger attached to the exterior and the air cools down.

The fail-safe Peltier technology offers many advantages. As it does without coolants completely, it protects the environment sustainably. Furthermore, no exchange of gases or fluids takes place between the inside of the control cabinet and the ambient air.


Your benefits

Peltier cooling units:

  • IP 66 (outdoor) possible
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • NEMA 4X rated


Compressor-based cooling units:

  • Adjustable electronic controller with display
  • Virtually maintenance free
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