Lm-therm filter fans


Equip your control cabinet with Lm-therm ventilation technology and enjoy the benefits of long-term safety of operation and ideal use of resources.

In a control cabinet, an increasing amount of electronics has to fit into a smaller and smaller space. That’s why ventilation technology is an important component when it comes to preventing damaging heat pockets from forming.

Filter fans (AC / DC) for a stable climate

Lm-therm filter fans: the simple way to cool control cabinets if the environmental conditions don’t pose any particular challenge to the solution.

Advantages of our filter fans:

  • UL certification
  • fast, easy assembly without screws
  • filter mats changed from the outside without tools through slidable filter fan cover
  • high EMV protection possible
  • stainless steel covers available as fittings

Outlet filter

Lm-therm outlet filters simply equalise pressure during forced ventilation. At Lm-therm you’ll find the right outlet filter to fit the respective filter fan.