Lm-therm cooling devices

Compressor-based cooling devices, Peltier cooling devices and Peltier tailor-made solutions

If the exhaust heat can’t be released directly into the environment, one of the things that Lm-therm cooling devices do is to ensure a stable ambient temperature, which prevents the installed technology from becoming impaired.

Our cooling devices prevent damage to the electronic components used due to overheating, heat pockets or uneven temperature distribution.

Compressor-based cooling devices Indoor / SlimLine Pro (350 W to 6,000 W)

With our Indoor compressor-based cooling devices you can distribute the exhaust heat directly from the control cabinet into the ambient space. Here you get a good price-performance ratio with very good COP values. The devices can also be used without a filter for most applications.

Advantages of the SlimLine Pro series:

  • optimised one-man assembly
  • operating temperature range of 10 °C to 60 °C
  • up to 50% less refrigerant
  • standard condensate evaporation
  • high protection class of IP 55 / IP 56 and much more

Compressor-based cooling devices Outdoor (290 W – 6,000 W)

With our Outdoor compressor-based cooling devices you can release the exhaust heat directly from the control cabinet into the environment. Furthermore, they are also protected against adverse ambient temperatures and vandalism.


  • also suitable without a filter for most applications
  • user friendly: easy to install and set up
  • IP protection class up to IP 56 or NEMA Type 12.3, 3R, 4, 4X
  • standard condensate evaporation
  • energy saving thanks to outstanding COP values

Peltier cooling devices AC / DC (30 W to 800 W and UL certification)

Our Peltier cooling devices are the perfect cooling solution for extreme ambient conditions. These include high ambient temperatures, cramped conditions, powerful vibrations, accelerating forces and a dirty or aggressive atmosphere, for example.

With their stainless steel housing, our Peltier devices can be used in almost any position, have high IP and are vibration-resistant, highly dust-tight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

They can be used in ambient temperatures of -20 °C to 65 °C. The IP protection class to the outside is IP 66.

Tailor-made solutions: Isn’t the “standard” peltier device right?

Due to our many years of project experience we are also able to manufacture customised solutions and special constructions for Peltier cooling solutions! We’re happy to offer our advice!

The Peltier control cabinet coolers in the picture were developed for a complete installation in an air duct, with a built-in communication module and directed cold side airflow including a condensation drain.