Efficient control cabinet climatisation

Lm-therm’s heating and cooling devices ensure a suitable climate in the control cabinet and thus increase the reliability of control systems and ensure that they function properly. Fans and cooling devices prevent individual components or entire control systems from overheating, for example.

Influences like temperature variations, temperatures below dew point, or the difference between inside and outside temperatures may result in condensed water. Moisture and dust formation may lead to corrosion and cause leakage current, which may lead to a complete failure of the controllers and control system installed in the control cabinet.

Furthermore, control cabinets are often used in environments that do not correspond to the device specifications, such as ambient temperatures far below the freezing point, for example. A heating system which is precisely designed to fit the requirements can ensure smooth operation.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Protection from condensed water
  • Frost protection
  • Balancing temperature fluctuation
  • Stable ambient temperature
  • Protecting the components from condensation
  • Preventing heat pockets through steady convection
  • Preventing built-in components from falling below or rising above operating temperature

Selection criteria for the installation of heating and cooling devices and controllers:

  • Ambient temperature at the installation site (indoor/outdoor installation)
  • Housing (open or closed)
  • Temperature – extreme differences between day and night temperatures
  • Power dissipation through the heat which is produced by the built-in devices
  • Humidity
  • Free convection of the heater

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