Solutions for perfect control cabinet climate control

  • Prevent damage to your systems.
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Solutions for perfect control cabinet climate control

Heat, frost, humidity, environmental influences and packing density can massively reduce the service life of the electronics in the control cabinet. For example, heat in the control cabinet can cause malfunctions or failures of electronic components. Frost and condensing humidity can also lead to damage to electromechanical and electrical components if the electronics are inadequately protected. An control cabinet climate control system that is adapted to the respective requirements ensures a high level of operational and functional reliability, avoids a reduction in the service life of internal components and prevents failures in the long term. Lm-therm specializes in customer-specific control cabinet climate control and offers the right solutions for control cabinet heating, cooling, cooling fans, control cabinet regulation and lights.

The standard does not always fit. Lm-therm specializes in the development and implementation of customer-specific solutions in control cabinet air conditioning and is able to solve problems such as individual space requirements, specific ambient temperatures, voltages and modified connections for control cabinet heaters. Lm-therm also offers Peltier cooling units, thermostats, hygrostats, filter fans, outlet filters, controllers and enclosure lights for almost any application.

We can also offer you special solutions for Peltier cooling units – in addition to the large selection of “standard” Peltier cooling units.

You can rely on the expertise gained from our decades of experience.

Our climate control solutions

Advantages of Lm-therm

  • Complete control cabinet climate control from a single source
  • Personal advice on all thermal management issues
  • Large selection of control cabinet heaters and accessories
  • Special solutions for control cabinet heaters and Peltier units according to your requirements
  • Expertise from many years of experience and high quality
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