Responsibility is not a burden, but an opportunity.

  • Responsible production and supply chain processes
  • Social commitment
  • Employee-oriented measures
  • High product quality

Responsibility is not a burden, but an opportunity.

We strive to provide our customers with a high-quality product. In doing so, we take care to use high quality materials in our own manufactured products that are durable and more environmentally friendly. Our aim is to do justice to both people and the environment – so together we can make the world a better place. We are aware of our responsibility and are therefore always working to find more sustainable solutions.

For us, the two concepts of production and sustainability are closely linked. An environmentally friendly production process requires approaches to reduce resources as well as the development of technologies and practices within production. For us, sustainable measures include, for example, the use of energy-efficient machines, electricity generation through photovoltaic systems and reduced waste production. In addition to the environment, the responsibility we bear as a company encompasses a wide range of issues that we want to do justice to in relation to society.

Overview of our measures:

Fair payment

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We know this and guarantee every single employee fair pay.

Further training

Today in particular, continuous learning is more important than ever. Promoting further training is therefore a matter of course.

Diversity & inclusion

We strive for diversity and inclusion. This is the basis for new impulses on which some of our work is based.

Environmental protection

Protecting the environment is important to us. Among other things, we use renewable energies and electric vehicles.

High safety standard

High safety standards in production processes are a matter of course for us. This is how we protect our employees and ensure quality.

Resource management

The conscious use of resources secures our future. Sustainable resource management is therefore part of our corporate philosophy.


We like to share and donate to charity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for projects, associations or people.


We support our local clubs in their activities. We also promote young talent with our sponsorship.