Published 29. April 2024

Electrical engineering is only for boys – Girl’s day at Lm-therm

Girl's day

Technology is only for boys and care is for girls. Anna (left), Alina (next to her) and Jana (behind her) gained an insight into the world of electrical engineering at Lm-therm. They were welcomed by our Deputy Plant Manager Manuel Waldbauer (left) and our Head of Material Flow and Value Creation Jürgen Gerauer (to the right of Manuel Waldbauer). On this day, the girls were able to take a look at the production of our cables, assemblies and components for thermal management as well as production control, giving them an idea of the world of work in an electrical engineering company.
According to idw – Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, more than 175,000 places were available for pupils on Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day 2024. This means that Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day set a record.

The aim of the day of action is to gain initial practical experience and impressions of professions that do not correspond to traditional role models. On this day, boys find out about professions that are dominated by women, e.g. jobs in education or care, and girls learn about typically male professions, e.g. in the technical, manual and IT sectors.

324 dual training occupations – the majority remain underrepresented

There are 324 dual training occupations in Germany. According to idw, more than half of girls limit their career choices to just ten of these occupations. The picture is similar for boys: More than half of young males choose from among 20 training occupations. On Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day, companies are given the opportunity to promote young people in a practical way and get them interested in their own field.
Lm-therm Elektrotechnik AG also uses this day of action to provide an important impetus against gender stereotypes and encourage young people to expand their range of professions.