Published 11. January 2021

10-year employee anniversary at Lm-therm

Once again this year, the management of Lm-therm Elektrotechnik AG would like to thank its employees for their many years of loyalty and good cooperation.

Experienced employees are extremely important for a company, emphasised Chief Operating Officer Manfred Sedlmair (in the picture on the left) and board member Franz Achter (in the picture on the right), who congratulated the assembled ladies on their 10th anniversary in the courtyard in front of the company. Due to Corona, many things are different this year, which is why it has not yet been possible to arrange a joint meal with the jubilarians. But as the saying goes: postponed is not abandoned.

In the picture, starting on the left: Mrs. Bianca Neumaier, Mrs. Susanne Webeck, Mrs. Brigitte Demmelbauer, Mrs. Maria Obermeier, Mrs. Stephanie Knuff and Mrs. Angela Bichler. Not in the picture is Ms Stephanie Marchl, whom we do not want to forget here!