Control cabinet heaters with a built-in thermostat

Our cabinet heaters with integrated thermostat offer an ideal solution for temperature control in control cabinets. The integrated thermostat not only enables precise temperature control, but in most cases eliminates the need for an external controller, which also acts as overheating protection and simplifies installation and maintenance.

Another advantage is the customizability of these heaters. Depending on the customer’s individual requirements, the connection type, mounting method, temperature setting and supply voltage can be configured. Depending on the type, the enclosure heaters also cover a power range from 10 to 1000W. This means that the heaters can be optimally adapted to different applications and environments.

This flexibility and functionality of our enclosure heaters enable efficient and customized temperature control to ensure the safety and performance of your electrical components in the enclosure and protect them from low temperatures and condensation.

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