PTC heaters

Our PTC heater series P70 (20 W to 240 W) is a powerful enclosure heater for protecting electronic components from moisture/condensation and frost.

The particularly compact design and the resulting low weight of the PTC enclosure heater offer many advantages in practice. To protect against high contact temperatures, the heater can be equipped with contact protection. This can be retrofitted at any time due to its simple installation.

Another advantage is the quick and easy installation thanks to the DIN clip and the simple connection using pressure terminals. In addition, it is possible to offset this DIN clip by +/- 20 mm for all variants, which means that the recommended distances to the components above or below can be influenced more variably.


  • Power ratings from 20 W to 240 W available
  • Multi-voltage capable in the 110 – 240V AC / DC range
  • high safety and energy efficiency thanks to PTC effect
  • Thermal decoupling from the top-hat rail
  • quick and easy installation thanks to DIN clip and pressure terminals
  • Optional contact protection
  • Operation down to -40 °C possible

Informations about the P70 series for download:

Flyer P70 series

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