Calculation tool

Use our experience!

Our Lm-therm tool for calculating the required heating and cooling output:

You will get the right values for your project reliably and fast, with the relevant influencing factors, e.g. temperature, power dissipation and control cabinet material, etc., being taken into account!

We’re happy to check your calculations and we will propose a solution for you at short notice!

Instruction calculation tool

Tailor-made solutions: Isn’t the “standard” solution right?

Due to our many years of project experience we are able to manufacture customised solutions and special constructions for control cabinet heaters and Peltier cooling solutions! We’re happy to offer our advice!


Almost 60 years of Lm-therm – values put into action, and a lot of experience

No matter how specific your requirements are, we almost always find a solution! We don’t want to try and persuade you – instead we’d like to provide you with detailed advice. If necessary, we might also take the liberty of advising you against a particular solution from time to time. That’s who we are – we take time for you.